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Soylent Review: ソイレントレビュー

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I love food and I love to eat, but in all honesty eating 3 meals a day takes up a lot of my money and time. So earlier this month I decided to try Soylent for the first time. For those of you who don`t know, Soylent is a Meal Replacement Drink which has been received a lot of hype in San Francisco and claims to contains 20% of your daily nutritional requirements. It`s currently available in powder form and ready to drink bottles. I ordered the original flavored 12 bottle pack from Amazon.

Taste: To be completely honest, you would not buy Soylent for the taste. To me, it tastes like a mix of milk that`s about to go stale and protein powder. It`s tolerable, but it`s not enjoyable. The texture itself reminds me of pancake batter. I personally prefer to drink it at room temperature since I can chug the whole bottle and get it over with.

Effectiveness: I usually drink one bottle to replace my lunch, along with some dried fruits and nuts, and that keeps me going until dinner time.

Side Effects: Its only been one week s​o far, but there have been no significant side effects. There have been a few times when my stomach felt a bit uneasy right after chugging a whole bottle, but the feeling subsides after a while. I have an extremely sensitive stomach as well, so this doesn`t come as a surprise to me.

Overall: It`s an interesting concept, but not perfect. I would not want to drink Soylent everyday for the rest of my life, but as an occasional meal replacement when I`m busy it does the job.

Unfortunately, it`s currently only available in the US and Canada.

PS: I am not affiliated with Soylent in anyways. I was just curious.

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Artist Intro: アメリカで流行っている18歳のラッパー: Rich Chigga

I`ve been listening to a lot of Brian Imanuel aka Rich Chigga these days.
My friends first introduced me to his song Dat $tick early last year when I moved back to LA and I`ve been consistently listening to him since then.

最近Brian Imanuel aka Rich Chiggaと言うラッパーはよく聞いています。

He`s only 18 and his song already hit 47 million views and counting.
On top of that, the kid is from Indonesia and he was home schooled. I haven’t seen a lot of foreign asian rappers making it big in America, so props to him.


Here are some of of my favorite songs by him and a dissection of select bars.

Dat $tick


“People be starving
And people be killing for food with that crack and that spoon
But these rich mothafuckas they stay eatin’ good
Droppin’ wage livin good”

He`s referring to Indonesia`s gap between the rich and the poor and the use of crack cocaine in poverty stricken slums of Jakarta.


Back At It (Official Audio)


“Shit what can I say I don’t look rich, I don’t wear a golden chain, I don’t drive a cool whip, this only way I can flex
For your main bitch, I’m just sayin’ what I feel had it with the fake shit”

Straying from the stereotypical flashy image of rappers, Rich Chigga just acts like his himself.

ステレオタイプな派手なラッパースタイルと離れて、Rich Chiggaは自分らしく生きている。

His main thing is actually Twitter and comedy and he just started rapping pretty recently.  Keep doing you Brian.


props:スラング」~に尊敬する。Proper duesの省略。

5/22: Today`s Random Thought: "What makes me, me? 今日のランダムな考え:「なぜ私は私なのか?」。


I was listening to my favorite podcast, Bilingual News, today while I drove to the gym. One of the topics Mami and Michael discussed were tiger moms and western style moms. This made me think back to the way I was raised by my parents, and how that affected my personality and resulted in who I am today. Which made me think: Are we purely a product of our environment? Or is there some fundamental part of me that makes me, me regardless of where I was born or how I was raised? Sometimes I like to entertain the thought of what I would be like if I was born and raised in Japan, rather than America. Would I still be myself? What makes me, me?

今日はジムに向かって運転しながら好きなポドキャスト、バイリンガルニューズ、を聞いていました。一つの注目されたトッピクはアジアと西洋の子供の育ち方でした。マミとマイケルの会話を聞きながら、私も考え始めました:人間ってただ育ち方で性格を変わるのかな?それかも、人間って周りの環境と育ち方に関わらず生まれついた基本的な自分はないのかな?自分自身もアメリカではなく、日本で生まれ育てていたらどのように変わっていたんだろう? 私はまだ基本の自分になっていたのかな?なぜ私は私なのか?


Tiger Mom (タイガーマザー):厳しいアジア系の母親。アメリカにおける流行語。

Entertain the thought: ~しようと思う。考える。