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Soylent Review: ソイレントレビュー

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I love food and I love to eat, but in all honesty eating 3 meals a day takes up a lot of my money and time. So earlier this month I decided to try Soylent for the first time. For those of you who don`t know, Soylent is a Meal Replacement Drink which has been received a lot of hype in San Francisco and claims to contains 20% of your daily nutritional requirements. It`s currently available in powder form and ready to drink bottles. I ordered the original flavored 12 bottle pack from Amazon.

Taste: To be completely honest, you would not buy Soylent for the taste. To me, it tastes like a mix of milk that`s about to go stale and protein powder. It`s tolerable, but it`s not enjoyable. The texture itself reminds me of pancake batter. I personally prefer to drink it at room temperature since I can chug the whole bottle and get it over with.

Effectiveness: I usually drink one bottle to replace my lunch, along with some dried fruits and nuts, and that keeps me going until dinner time.

Side Effects: Its only been one week s​o far, but there have been no significant side effects. There have been a few times when my stomach felt a bit uneasy right after chugging a whole bottle, but the feeling subsides after a while. I have an extremely sensitive stomach as well, so this doesn`t come as a surprise to me.

Overall: It`s an interesting concept, but not perfect. I would not want to drink Soylent everyday for the rest of my life, but as an occasional meal replacement when I`m busy it does the job.

Unfortunately, it`s currently only available in the US and Canada.

PS: I am not affiliated with Soylent in anyways. I was just curious.

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